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Liv speaking Elvish: (WMA)
Liv is speaking: (Real audio)
A normal person: (Real Audio)
Whom to say hi to: (Real Audio)
Truth about her father: (Real Audio)
Baring all on the Internet: (Real Audio)
Growing older: (Real Audio)
Bertolucci's "Stealing Beauty"?: (Real Audio)
Reading about herself: (Real Audio)
Her character in "Stealing Beauty": (Real Audio)
Nitpicking critics: (Real Audio) Her experience with Woody Allen: (Real Audio)
Her experience in Cannes: (Real Audio) Falling for Joaquin Phoenix: (Real Audio)
Her film education: (Real Audio) Been off the past seven months: (Real Audio)
Doing "Empire": (Real Audio) Her "Stealing Beauty" celebrity: (Real Audio)
Dealing with stardom: (Real Audio) "Stealing Beauty" reception: (Real Audio)
Working with Tom Hanks: (Real Audio) The new Aerosmith album: (Real Audio)
"Inventing The Abbotts": (Real Audio) Loves her dad Steven Tyler: (Real Audio)
Dealing with celebrity: (Real Audio) Embarrassed by Aerosmith video: (Real Audio)
Who did she idolize?: (Real Audio) First impression of Bruce Willis: (Real Audio)
Found her dream role: (Real Audio) Changed her mind after saying no: (Real Audio)
Ben Affleck's sudden celebrity: (Real Audio) Movie love scenes aren't realistic: (Real Audio)
Watching herself onscreen: (Real Audio) Shooting "Onegin" with R. Fiennes: (Real Audio)
Why she cut her hair short: (Real Audio) Grateful for success of last five years: (Real Audio)
Liv in Cookie's Fortune: (WMA) Liv in Onegin: (WMA)
Liv in Dr. T and the Women: (WMA) Liv in Plunkett & MacLeane: (WMA)
Liv in Armageddon: (WMA) Liv in Stealing Beauty: (WMA)
Liv in Empire Records: (WMA) *Arwen Warrior Princess? (WMA)
*Arwen Warrior Princess? 2 (WMA) *Arwen Warrior Princess? 3 (WMA)