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Liv Tyler on America On Line
December 4, 2003
Get a front seat on the red carpet! The 'Return of the King' stars took AOL's cameras to snap their own pix at the L.A. premiere exclusively for AOL members.
(Well, even if you are not AOL members you'll find the pics here.)
Looking as lovely as Arwen, her on-screen alter ego, Liv Tyler poses with her hobbit co-star Billy Boyd.
Orlando Bloom, who plays the long-haired Elven archer Legolas, starts his day with an egg-white omelet.
Sean Astin opts for a heartier lamb chop, fitting food for a ravenous hobbit like Samwise Gamgee.
Dominic Monaghan trades Merry's wool cloak for an L.A. hipster vibe.
Out of costume, fellow elves Orlando Bloom and Liv Tyler still make very attractive mortals.
Make-up artist Jo Strettel applies the final touches before Tyler departs for L.A.'s Westwood Village.
Nervous before the premiere? Surely not a star as experienced as Liv Tyler!
Sure enough, as soon as she hits the red carpet, Tyler looks graceful and entirely at ease.
Never one to forget her fans, Tyler poses with a woman wearing a replica of the Evenstar pendant.
Elf princess Liv Tyler bends down to say hello to Astin's daughter, Alexandra.
Liv Tyler smiles on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of 'The Return of the King.'
All Celeb Candids photos support DATA, an organization founded by Bono to bring people, organizations and politicians together from all over the world in order to stop the crises swamping Africa: Debt, AIDS and Trade

For more info and to sign up to make your voice heard, visit DATA's Web site.
A huge thank you to Mapie for the pictures and comments.
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