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Liv Tyler was born on july 1st 1977 in New York City, New York.


Liv was born Liv Rundgren. Her mother is 70's supermodel Bebe Buell. Todd Rundgren was her father, or so she thought. Liv actually, as we all know, is the daughter of Aerosmith's claim to fame, Steven Tyler. She did not discover this, however, until she went to an Aerosmith concert and noticed how familiar she looked to the lead singer. So, at age ten, Liv discovered that she was not actually Todd Rundgren's child. Up to this point Liv had lived in Portland, Maine. But, luckily for us fans, was about to embark on a modelling career that would relocate her to New York.


Father: Steven Tyler, musician; lead singer of Aerosmith Mother: Bebe Buell, model; had eight-month romance with Steven Tyler while still living with Todd Rundgren; lived with Rundgren 1971-79; had subsequent relationships with Rod Stewart and Elvis Costello Stepfather:Todd Rundgren, musician; listed as Tyler's father on her birth certificate; raised her until 1988 Stepfather: Coyote Stevens (aka Coyote Shivers), musician; born in 1967; Tyler's mother filed for divorce in 1998 after seven years of marriage; costarred with Tyler in Empire Records Half-sister: Mia Tyler, model; born in 1978; daughter of Steven Tyler and model Cyrinda Foxe Half-sister: Chelsea Tyler; born in 1988 Stepbrother: Rex Rundgren; son of Todd Rundgren; Tyler considers him a brother; they were raised together Stepbrother: Randy Rundgren; son of Todd Rundgren


Liv insists that she was just a normal kid and that she was no where near popular at her schools. She says that theother kids do not look at her as different. Liv was quoted as to love to dress up in her mothers cloths and put hermake up on and perform in front of her mother's friends. She was never interested in drugs and alcohol, just movies. Even before she knew that her real father was alcoholic and drug abuser Steven Tyler, Liv was adament about her opinion's on drugs.


Liv has a number of passions in life. Among them are her modeling career, and her career as an actress. She is wonderful at both of them, but seems to prefer the actress business.


Liv began her modelling career at the tender age of fourteen. This occupation caused her to move from her home of nine years (Portland, Maine) to New York City.

Liv has had many successful shoots, and even was scheduled to be on the cover of a major entertainment magazine, but was beat out by Madonna. Liv has also graced the magazines:

Rolling Stone
Inside Edge
Young and Modern (cover photo)
Entertainment Weekly
Time Out
Entertainment Weekly
Movie Star

Her modelling career was cut short, however, when she discovered her passion for acting.

After a three year relationship with Joaquim Phoenix (River's brother) Liv broke their love story to date Royston Langdon (lead singer and bass player in the band SpaceHog).


Engaged to Spacehog bassist/singer Royston Langdon in April 2001.

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