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Liv's rock star dad fell asleep during Lord of the Rings
December 9, 2003
Liv Tyler says her rock star dad fell asleep while watching her in the final part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Aerosmith singer Steve Tyler, 55, nodded off during a private screening of The Return Of The King.

Liv, 26, who plays elf Arwen, told The Sun: "He fell asleep halfway through, just took a nap. But he was really tired."

And she said she had earlier had to tell him off because he was making too much noise.

"My dad got into trouble because he bought a big bag of food and snacked through the whole movie. And he was passing food along," she said.

Liv, who only learned that Steve was her father when she was 11, says he follows her acting career closely.

She said: "He loves what I do and I'm quite fascinated by what he does. I see him up on stage and I'm like: 'How does he do that?' It's so incredible.

"I think he has a similar thing with me in that he doesn't totally understand what I am doing so he's quite interested in it."
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